Senin, 23 Januari 2017

Eyewitness to Integration of East Timor

Eyewitness to Integration of East Timor
Hendro Subroto
Pustaka Sinar Harapan
Tahun Cetak
Rp. 165.000

In the last five years, the recurring issue of East Timor has arisen in daily newspapers in various countries, which generally is not forthcoming about Indonesia. The prominent negative issues brought to the forefront, utilize and focus anything available at the time, varying from integration, military operations, democracy, the principle of human rights and the the problem of exploration of the ‘Timor Gap,’ in conjunction with Australia, have not escaped scrutiny.

The source for such negative issues is not difficult to trace, because it appears that the same countries instigate and propagate the life of these issues on a continuing basis.

Futhermore, these issues are currently directed to actions which are well coordinated and easy to see, to negate the term integration and replace it with a different one from the status that East Timor currently occupies, which will enable certain elements currently residing overseas, who were the orginal instigators of the August-November 1975 civil war, to shed themselves of these negative precepts and return to Dili as the respected anti integration who saved the day.

This book is very important for use as a source of understanding of integration because the ’45 generation which was active then, was replaced by the next generation. The moment of transfer represents sensitive times for coordinated disinformation efforts whose aim is to rebuff the successful process of integration.

We should never forget the method of indoctrination used by the propaganda machines of Nazi Germany during the years prior to World War II, which said: “if a white wall is repeatedely called red, eventually people will say and believe that the wall is red.”

Hopefully this book will be a basis to put a halt to this type of thinking of Indonesian society which differs form the prevailing attitude of the representatives of the people, who officially integrated East Timor in the year 1976.

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