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Master Poets, Ritual Masters

Master Poets, Ritual Masters, The Art of Oral Composition Among the Rotenese of Eastern Indonesia
James J. Fox
ANU Press The Australian National University
Tahun Cetak
9781760460068 (ebook)

A book like this, which is the work of some 50 years, would normally call for a great number of acknowledgements. This book is, however, focused specifcally on the oral poetry of a group of remarkable and talented individuals and it is to these poets whom I feel I owe my greatest debt of gratitude. Many of them have long since died, but they are remembered by their families and ought to be remembered more widely. I must begin by thanking those poets whose recitations are included in this volume: Stefanus Adulanu, Eli Pellondou, Petrus Malesi, Mikael Pellondou, Joel Pellondou, Esau Pono, Zet Apulugi, Alex Mada, Anderias (Ande) Ruy, Kornalius Medah, Laazar Manoeain, Samuel Ndun, N. D. Pah, Jonas Mooy, Simon Lesik, Frans Lau and Hendrik Foeh. Of these master poets, I owe a special debt to Stefanus Adulanu (‘Old Meno’), who taught me the beginnings of ritual language during my frst period of feldwork in 1965–66; Petrus Malesi, who was a frequent companion and my personal poet during my second period of feldwork in 1972–73; and Esau Pono, who became, over many years, my closest Rotenese friend and confidant until his death in 2014. I was able to compose a short mortuary chant on his behalf and send it as an email to my former student and colleague Dr Lintje Pellu, in Kupang, who travelled to Termanu and saw that it was recited at his funeral.

These poets are only a small number of the poets whom I have recorded over the past 50 years. During my frst feldwork, Stefanus Adulanu and Stefanus Amalo—the two master poets in the domain of Termanu at that time—both competed and cooperated to provide me with a variety of recitations. I also recorded important recitations from A. Amalo and Lisbet Adulanu—a formidable fgure and the only woman to ofer to recite for me. N. D. Pah also supplied me with a wealth of materials from Tie. During my second period of feldwork, I continued to record from Petrus Malesi and Eli Pellondou, who were rivals to one another.

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