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English In Use For Agricultural Students


English In Use For Agricultural Students

Sondang P.P. Leoanak
Tahun Cetak
Rp. 131.000

English in Use for Agricultural Students is a textbook for young learners (intermediate level) of higher education level (university and polytechnic). This book is made available to help the students to learn English independently as it is the language of the world.
The content of this book is not only integrated in the four English skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also the English grammar as well. All these skills aim to develop students’ language competence, discourse and sociocultural understanding of English.
All the theories and examples presented in this book are closely related to agricultural field of study, which is familiar to the students’ education background. All the activities aim to explore students’ level of understanding in English as well as their creativity. This book also encourages the students to use their English skills through simple conversation and sentence writing. It is hoped that this book will help the students to develop their communication skills in English.
Learning Competencies and Learning Objectives:
Standard competence:
At the end of the semester, students are able to: (1) give correct responses to what they listen and read using the correct English grammar, (2) write words, sentences or paragraph correctly and (3) find the meaning of words, sentences, paragraph or main ideas in a reading text.
General learning objectives:
Students are able to make introduction about themselves, others and family members, read a text and find the main ideas, words, phrases and sentences related to the text, use the verb be, ask and give questions, use simple present tense, and write about oneself and others.
Specific learning objectives:
Students are able to: listen to a dialogue/monologue about introducing oneself and others, tell about themselves and others, give questions and responses to yes/no question and WH-question form of sentences (spoken or written), understand descriptive text by expressing the meaning of the text in written form, write sentences in simple present tense form.

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