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Indonesia & East Timor

Indonesia & East Timor, Power and Impunity Human rights under the New Order
Amnesty International Publications – London
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Indonesia’s rulers came to power in 1965 in the wake of one of the worst massacres in recent history; in less a year up to one million people were killed and at least as many jailed. Indonesia’s New Order Government has remained in power for almost three decades. It continues to murder, torture and jail people, often for nothing more than disagreeing with the state ideology, Pancasila.
Despite its chilling human rights record, this same government has consistently enjoyed support and succour from the world’s most powerfil nations and the prime movers of the international community. Only human rights violations in East Timor, ilegally occupied by Indonesia since 1975, have touched the international conscience.
In this report Amnesty International shows that human rights violations are widespread, not only in East Timor but throughhout the Indonesian archipelago. They are part of a pattern of systematic human rights violations which has unfolded over more than a quarter of a century. The report describes the structure of state and military power in which human right violations have become institutionalized. It also contains recommendations to the international community as well as the Indonesian Government, which Amnesty International believes are essential to human rights protection.

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