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Travel Guide To East Nusa Tenggara

Travel Guide To East Nusa Tenggara
Tourism and Creative Economic Department of East Nusa Tenggara Province
Tahun Cetak

East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province that has diverse cultural richness, natural beauty, as well as a variety of craft products become great potential to be developed so as to provide greater benefit to people’s lives in the region from time to time.

We know that object and tourism attraction in East Nusa Tenggara are so complete and fascinating. Lake Kelimutu and Komodo National Park are two wonders of the world possessed this province. Furthemore, there are also potential of unique cultures, beautiful nature, traditional villages, marine and amazing underwater as well as a variety of attractive special interest for surfing, trekking and others. They all are spread evenly across all regencies/municipalities in NTT province.

This potential needs to be promoted by various methods including through publishing Magazine Travel Guide to design patterns of travel from to all tourist destinations in the province. Publishing such magazine is expected to further facilitate tourist and potential tourist to come to NTT and support it as a world class tourist destination.

Therefore, the effort done by the Departement of Tourism and Creative Economy NTT Province to prepare promotional material in the form of Travel Guide Magazine 2015 is to sustain systematic attempt to introduce, market and promote its attraction, culture attractions, traditional rituals, handicrafts and so forth so that they can be known and in demand by tourist and travellers all over the world.

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